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2016 Design forcast


OK, so I'm not a trend forcaster, and I don't spend enough hours trawling through websites to be an expert on emerging fashions in design. However, you'd have to be blind to not see the direction that design is going in. This is largely driven by what is happening inside the home. The general vibe is softer, greener, and much more lived in than the concrete boxes that we have been residing in for the last few years (I say 'residing' because it is hard to really live comfortably in those minimlaist concrete boxes). So here is my (very personal) observation of what I see happening in design trends for 2016:

#1: Green inside: I challenge you to flick through a homes / interior design magazine without finding a heaps of photos with indoor plants. Interior design might influence what is happening outside, but our lovely gardens are creeping inside.

#2: Plants rule: After years of 'clean lines' and minimalism in the garden (read 'concrete and rendered walls'), plants are making a comeback as people realise that concrete is hot, and plants are cool (especially trees). Nowhere in the world is this more important than Perth, Australia. Wake up, everyone. Its time to get green and cool the place down. And can we please stick to the really hardy plants - native is great, but that doesn't mean all gardens look like tragic 1980s mess. Native plants can still be done a great range of styles if its done well.

#3: The 'lived in' feel: The trend for recycling / upcycling, complex textures in textiles, bricks etc, character (that may border on 'cluttered') is strong. Concrete is being replaced by textured stone, rendered walls are being replaced with face brick and stone, and timber is everywhere. Layers of textures is challenging, but trendy.

#4: Colour is back: After the drought of greys and crisp whites, colours are making a comeback. And often mixed up together, with a backdrop of timber. Again, challenging to make it not look like a mess, but fun.

So loosen up, enjoy getting creative, and let your garden feel lived in. I guarantee you will want to live in IT more.