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Meet RedBird

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A site is almost never a big, blank slate waiting for your creative genius; it is a set of conditions and problems for which one seeks the highest solution.
— Dan Kiley

 My name is Robyn Tandon. I am a Landscape Designer. I love my job - the joy of combining great design with the science of a successful garden. And watching the installation coming together with an experienced team is such a pleasure.

There are lots of great landscape designers out there, so why RedBird? Well, the usual reasons – “beautiful design from a qualified professional”; “no job too big or too small”; “quality and integrity”; “value for money”; “friendly approach”. But that’s what everyone should promise (and deliver). At the end of the day, you (the owner of the garden) need to be comfortable with the person creating your space and feel that you can trust them – that they are listening to you, and that they will give you a result that makes you smile. 

The gardens I bring to life are never the same, as no two clients or sites are ever the same. A quick look through my projects will show that I enjoy creating spaces that are fresh and new, and just right for you. From large scale blocks, to small courtyards; from classical formal, to relaxed natural, to funky contemporary - I’ll take a fresh look at every project.

This is your space, where your memories will be formed. Your garden will become a part of your future, so a good designer should put as much of ‘you’ into the garden as possible (while taking into account all the other ‘bits’ like good design principles, climate, soil, trends, materials, availability of plants etc etc). 

That’s where I come from and what drives me. It doesn’t matter to me if your dream is enormous and elaborate, or small and simple. I am there to discover your dream and bring it to life in a way that functions well, is aware of the environment that it is created in, and looks great. I love design and everything about it, and creating spaces in which my clients can relax, refresh and enjoy for years to come is the ultimate privelege.


The way I work, and the process of achieving your garden, is a bit flexible - from a one off consultation right through to full plans and installation. While I am a solo designer, I work closely with an experienced team to bring your project to life in a way that is seemless for the client. Each project is individual, so I prefer to provide individual quotes rather than ‘packages’. But be assured of two things: I try to keep my prices reasonable (great garden design should not be reserved for the wealthy); and getting good advice that lasts for years to come is money well spent.

I am committed to:

  • choosing plants that will do the right thing for you and the environment

  • choosing responsible products (sourcing local / recycled / low energy products wherever possible)

  • maintaining our own standards of professional development on new and  emerging information on sustainability