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Another new RedBird project


I always get nervous when I'm going for my first follow up visit after a garden has been created. Will it be a mess? Will everything have died? Will there be more weeds than intended plants? Will I find out that the owners actually don't really like it? Well, this time (as usual) all went well. The owners are happy, the plants are alive, and the intentional plants definitely outweigh the weeds. Yes, the new dog has left his mark, and the kids obviously have a favourite spot to play cricket, but they are just signs of it being lived in, which is a good thing.

The small back yard (10m x 10m) packs a punch. To accommodate three small kids and multiple interests, we have managed to include a pool, monkey bars, a productive garden, lawn and space for a fire pit.

Picking up on the great architectural features of the house, we have used timber, black metal and a new corrugated metal sheeting with a super funky 'Stealth' finish in matt black. The integration with the house has worked a treat, and is another great example of how important it is to make the house and garden work together. Every room has access to green, with the dining and family rooms feeling like they are sitting in the garden. Those strong architectural features has been softened with greenery to make a striking but comfortable home.